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The Little Book of IT

81 per cent of Irish Businesses say IT Budget Cuts and Lack of Time are Hampering Innovation

7th July 2017

Sungard Availability Services reveals where technology is holding innovation back and opening Ireland’s business community up to security threats


Dublin, Republic of Ireland– Sungard Availability Services® (Sungard AS), a leading provider of information availability through managed IT, cloud and recovery services, today published its inaugural Little Book of IT, which provides insight into the pain points, challenges and opportunities facing IT departments across the globe. The research, that forms the basis of the book, reveals that, of all the countries surveyed, businesses in Ireland are the most affected by IT budget cuts.

Budget pressures and security compliance

A staggering 81% of Irish IT departments stated that budget cuts are holding them back from making investments in new technologies. This figure is significantly higher than the other regions surveyed: Sweden, 71%; United Kingdom, 61%; Canada, 61%; France, 58% and the USA, 50%.

In addition, an overwhelming majority (89%) of Irish IT departments identified security as the area most affected by a squeeze on IT costs. However, surprisingly the research found that despite this impact on security, when asked to list the top three concerns facing the business, the issue of cyber security did not make the cut – for Irish businesses ensuring mobility 56%, demands from wider business 55% and changing IT infrastructure 49% were rated highest. Globally 43% of IT departments identified remaining secure to cyber threats as their second biggest concern, only 1% lower than Ireland at 44%. It would appear that the various high profile cyber attacks across all sectors, and upcoming changes in EU General Data Protection Regulation are of importance to Ireland’s IT leaders, but other priorities take precedence.

The keys to success versus keeping the lights on

The Little Book of IT research showcased a desire to adopt innovative and emerging technologies, but hampering this objective is the reality that a disproportionate amount of time is spent (82%) in Ireland on day-to-day tasks. This is in comparison to the global average of 61%.

The research identified ‘Four keys to Success’ namely:

  1. Spend day-to-day time innovating – Irish respondents spend only 11% of time is dedicated to innovation, compared to the global average of 28%
  2. Leverage a bimodal IT model – global average is 79%, with Ireland lagging somewhat at 65%
  3. Invest heavily in emerging technologies – 69% for global intent, with Ireland close behind at 61%
  4. Proactively work with other lines of business – all IT teams need to get better at this; globally less than half 44% spend time being proactive, but in Ireland this drops substantially to 18% within Ireland.

Clearly despite a vision that embraces bimodal IT and other transformative technologies, it seems that compared with their global peers that Ireland’s IT departments need sufficient freedom from mundane tasks to be able to spend more time on the innovative and strategic initiatives that will help deliver business outcomes.

Speaking of the findings Carmel Owens, General Manager of Sungard Availability Services Ireland stated: Digital transformation presents an exciting opportunity for IT leaders in Ireland today. Emerging technologies are empowering companies, making it possible to anticipate and satisfy customer expectations more rapidly and confidently, and Irish businesses have this in their sights.”

“However, many businesses are still tethered by the reality of their critical, but increasingly cumbersome, legacy systems. One cause for concern is the lack of time spent investing in innovation. Ireland has long been seen as the gateway into Europe, with its credentials for technology well-versed. However, this accolade can only continue if organisations do not get caught up in day-to-day tasks and focus on driving adoption of new technologies to drive forward positive change.”


About the Little Book of IT Research: Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) commissioned independent technology market research firm Vanson Bourne to conduct interviews with 1,350 IT decision makers from around the globe and across multiple sectors, ranging from medium to large enterprises. These included 100 respondents from Ireland. The research took place from October to December 2016.