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Accountant BDO finds a managed hosting partner it can count on

23rd December 2015

BDO is a leading mid-tier accountancy and business advisory firm that provides services to ambitious businesses worldwide. With more than 3,500 employees generating close to £400m in UK revenues, it describes itself as the leading accountant for the UK mid-market and has been voted number one for client satisfaction three years running.

“BDO needed a reliable hosting partner it could trust to support all of its most critical applications including a proprietary audit system. “

— Sungard AS

With exceptional client service of supreme importance for the firm, it needed to ensure the applications its employees depend on would always be available. Sungard Availability Services has fulfilled its expectations.

“Sungard AS hosts literally all the critical applications BDO depends on. We didn’t want to go for the firm that’s the cheapest or most expensive but the one that gives us best value for money – it’s the reliability and quality of service we’re paying for.”

— John Turner, IT Director, BDO

Having been a Sungard AS customer since 2006, the relationship between the two companies predates the appointment of John Turner who confesses, “I admit I was sceptical about switching to Sungard AS from a competitor I’d been using at my previous firm. I thought as a large company Sungard AS would be rigid, inflexible and we’d have to do things the Sungard AS way – fit into a sausage factory. I discovered the service Sungard AS provides is quite the opposite. I’ve been converted – and am very happy to have been!”

Services taken:

Business benefits delivered:

  • World-class data centres ensure high availability of data and services
  • Highest levels of resilience, security and compliance
  • Access to specialist expertise on tap
  • Freedom to focus on core business by removing the burden of infrastructure management.

In fact, John Turner is so satisfied with the service BDO receives that he has expanded the services he contracts from Sungard AS, adding managed back up services in the form of electronic data vaulting and failover to a second data centre for added reassurance. He says, “These add-ons show the level of trust we place in Sungard AS. To say I’m very, very happy with the quality of service we receive would be an understatement.”

You can read BDO’s full story here.