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Buses May Strike But Your Organisation Must Maintain Business-As-Usual

20th October 2016

Carmel Owens, general manager, Sungard Availability Services Ireland comments on Dublin’s recent bus strikes...

Throughout September, the city of Dublin was brought to its knees by a month-long series of bus strikes that left over 400,000 commuters scrambling to find alternative transport. Even in the best case scenario it added extra time to their commute, or caused them to travel in cramped and uncomfortable conditions. In the worst case, it prevented them from getting into the office at all.

As well as the obvious inconvenience for workers, these strikes have undoubtedly had a negative impact on Dublin’s businesses. Official figures have not yet been released but one only has to look at the impact of previous disruption in London to see the financial damage that can be caused by the suspension of public transport services – last year it was estimated that the tube strikes cost the UK capital’s economy a staggering  £48 million per day!

There has not been a strike of this size in Ireland for some time, but that does not mean that businesses have an excuse not to be prepared for this, or indeed other types of, disruption. In today’s all-time world – where every business is expected to operate with an always-on mentality – it is unthinkable for any organisation to grind to a halt simply because the buses aren’t running.

There’s also the question of staff wellbeing: is it really necessary for an employee to have to battle the crowds, or spend hours making it into the office? And when they do make it, will they be in the right frame of mind to be productive? The most successful organisations are the ones which are forward thinking enough to know that, with a mobile workforce, employees can make a contribution to the business regardless of location.

Technology such as cloud computing allows employees access to data and applications regardless of their location. Working practices should be catching up to today’s expectations and businesses should be looking to modern solutions to give employees more flexibility during these times, as well as helping to keep businesses moving. While the strikes appear to have come to an end for now, the disruption they caused must remain fresh in the minds of Irish businesses…