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Cloud Concerns – do they hold water?

14th May 2013

A new white paper from SunGard Availability Services argues that the nagging concerns and misconceptions that have dogged the adoption of cloud-based infrastructure so far are unnecessarily preventing firms benefiting from the flexibility and potential cost savings afforded by cloud technology.

Cloud concerns imageThe paper, Cloud Workload Migration: Where the Cloud-Based Service Delivery Model Makes Sense, is based on research that shows the cloud services market remains relatively immature. It is forecast to grow significantly within the next five years in terms of both subscriber numbers and value. However, persistent concerns around the security (80%), reliability (37%), performance (28%) and management (20%) of cloud services mean that the majority (81%) of physical and virtualised workloads currently remain tethered to on-premise infrastructure.

Corporate fears have undoubtedly been exacerbated by the recent high profile outages that have hit household names such as Amazon Web Services, Google and many others. These very public failings have inevitably served to heighten organisations’ mistrust of the cloud’s ability to provide the secure, robust application and service delivery they need.

Yet the failure of public cloud services to isolate customer workloads and guarantee uptime does not tell the whole story: not all cloud services are the same. It is illogical to tar all varieties of cloud computing with the same brush as widely available private cloud and hybrid cloud delivery models can address these lingering anxieties. These solutions are usually based on dedicated, single-tenanted or like-minded enterprisetenanted architecture, hosted either off or on-premise and connected by secure network links. In some cases, cloud service providers can even demonstrate that they offer better physical security, data protection and failover capabilities than on-premise environments!

The survey highlighted another common concern. Over a third (37%) of IT managers also worry that they will struggle to migrate and retrieve data quickly in line with national and European data protection regulations. (Interestingly, this was less of a concern for larger firms and this may be because they have already outsourced information to third party hosting companies and are therefore more familiar with the processes involved).

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