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Cloud recovery service ensures My Visibility Tool keeps customers’ shipments in plain sight

6th July 2015

My Visibility Tool (MVT) was originally developed in 2008 in-house as a track and trace system for customers of Metro Shipping. However, its capabilities were significantly enhanced and extended in 2011 to become the market-leading, standalone product it now is. My Visibility Tool (MVT) is used by multinational companies who rely on it to manage their complex supply chains involving hundreds of time-sensitive global freight movements daily. With customers demanding visibility of their shipments’ progress at any time of the day or night, downtime is simply not an option.

“If our MVT system was down for any prolonged period of time our customers would go elsewhere. Uptime is absolutely imperative. We have a reputation in the marketplace for being an innovative, best-in-class company. I don’t want to jeopardise that reputation built over many years and with Sungard AS I have the peace of mind that availability is never an issue.”

— Simon George, Head of Product Development, MVT

To this end, Sungard AS’ Recover2Cloud replicates the My Visibility Tool system and data to one of its highly resilient UK data centres, providing continuous data protection. Should any servers fail, the replication service acts as the live environment until the original servers are restored, dramatically speeding up recovery time. Recover2Cloud costs up to 50% less than traditional replication solutions.

Recovering a business is not just about the technology, it also involves their people so the MVT team also contracts a number of shared workforce recovery positions at a resilient Sungard AS recovery centre near its Birmingham headquarters.  Simon George finds that being a Sungard AS customer helps him win new contracts.

“When we are invited to tender and are talking to new customers it’s a given that we have business continuity provision in place. Prospective customers often ask for details of our contingency plans and I can say with certainty that we wouldn’t have the household names that rely on MVT now if it wasn’t for our relationship with Sungard AS.”

— Simon George, Head of Product Development, MVT

Since MVT made the transition to Recover2Cloud around 18 months ago, the relationship with Sungard AS has deepened.

“I’m confident that if there is ever a problem Sungard AS will work with me to sort it out. I know I can be open and honest in my communications with them and it works both ways. I view it as a genuine partnership, the proof being that I was quite happy to sign another five-year deal.”

— Simon George, Head of Product Development, MVT

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