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Hybrid IT

Does Your IT Estate Have a Dark Side?

4th December 2015

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Nowhere is this sentiment better illustrated than in Robert Louis Stevenson’s enduring tale of Jekyll and Hyde, where the good doctor, in a bid to control his dark side, ended up unleashing the crazed Mr Hyde.

Much like Jekyll’s elixir, cloud computing is being brought into IT infrastructures with the hopes of improving productivity and processes. The brew, however, has proved too heady a mixture for many businesses – at least that’s according to our new research[1]. Although considered a gateway to innovation, it is ironic to see that harnessing new technologies like cloud computing are a leading cause in the increasing levels of complexity and in turn, hindering innovation. It is a twist worthy of Stevenson’s story.

The story starts innocently enough. As is the case with many well-established organisations, IT departments are already committed to running much of their mission critical processes across a pre-existing IT estate. A ‘rip and replace’ route into the cloud is not a viable solution, so instead, cloud adoption comes in smaller sips, with IT departments adding cloud services as an extension or as a replacement for end-of-life solutions. This is Hybrid IT.

The picture isn’t all bad: our research suggests that a number of organisations who have adopted a Hybrid IT approach have experienced a number of rewards – with over half of businesses (53 per cent) pointing to an increase in business agility. In addition, 21% of businesses have enjoyed greater levels of availability as a consequence of their Hybrid IT deployment, and 31% are finding increased levels of security.

Yet others have seen something much darker emerge, an evil side to Hybrid IT that’s becoming progressively more difficult to control. Under the guise of IT complexity, Mr Hyde has well and truly reared his ugly face, increasing IT operating costs for nearly a third of businesses – adding an average of £251,868 to IT spend every year.

Moving towards the cloud may have seemed like an irresistible potion to swallow, but it is important to remember that, conducive to the life of your business, its success depends on establishing the proper ingredients you need before you take that first sip…

For more insight into the horrors of Hybrid IT, and how to vanquish your cloud demons, download the whitepaper here.

[1] About the research

Interviews were carried out in September and October 2015 by Vanson Bourne on behalf of Sungard Availability Services®. 500 interviews were conducted altogether: 150 from the UK, 150 from France and 100 each from Sweden and Ireland. The research spoke to IT decision makers in businesses of over 500 employees across a variety of sectors – including financial services, business process management and retail.