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Cloud Computing

Don’t let concerns over data retrieval put you off the cloud

30th September 2013

A lack of confidence in efficient data transfer and retrieval from/between cloud services is an often cited obstacle to cloud migration. Yet contrary to this widely held perception, customers ARE able to access and delete their data whenever they want.

The survey says…

Research carried out by IDG Connect on behalf of SunGard Availability Services found that only 38% of senior IT managers are confident they’ll be able to transfer data to and from cloud-based services quickly and easily. An equal proportion (37%) remains uncertain – believing they’ll struggle to migrate and retrieve data in accordance with European data protection regulations.

Company size makes a difference

Interestingly, it appears that confidence in data retrieval from the cloud is higher in larger organisations (with the number rising to 59% among companies with over 20,000 employees). This suggests that larger enterprises – more likely to have been early adopters of cloud services – are more familiar with the processes involved. Through outsourcing high volumes of data to third party hosting providers, these companies are more aware of the cloud’s inherent capabilities and limitations.

How to engender trust in the cloud provider?

Concerns over data retrieval can be addressed in several ways:
•    Via hybrid cloud platforms that satisfy data regulation and/or security and performance demands for local hosting by storing some data and legacy applications in hosted environments with the remainder on-premises
•    SLAs from private-hosted and dedicated cloud providers with sufficient data centre footprint can guarantee that sensitive information will stay within its country of origin or within the regional boundaries set out by data protection regulation, and that it can be quickly retrieved as required
•    Where data is hosted off-premises, any data returned to the customer must be in a format which enables continued processing
•    When a customer terminates a contract, cloud service providers must be able to demonstrate that they’ve deleted all of the customer’s information and that no other copies are retained within their own cloud architecture or back-up sets, or those belonging to a third party supplier 
•    Use of efficient provisioning, migration, management and auditing controls
•    Network connectivity and security mechanisms that guarantee adequate bandwidth and data integrity when data is being transmitted between sites
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