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Get Your Business Resilience Breakfast courtesy of Sungard Availability Services

16th June 2017

It’s often referred to as the most important meal of the day, but this Wednesday 21st June breakfast could be every bit as wholesome and nourishing for your company’s resilience as it can be for your own constitution…   

Join Sungard Availability Services as we join forces with The Irish Times to discuss the nature of risk, resilience and recovery in an age of global power outages, cyber attacks, political upheaval, and more.

Commencing at 7.50am with a welcome from The Irish Times’ Business Editor Ciaran Hancock, our expert speakers will address the current thinking behind today’s manifold business risks and how to successfully mitigate against them.  We’ll also hear from one organisation that continues to be in rude health 12 years on from the largest peacetime explosion Europe has seen. All thanks to its robust recovery strategy!

Your business resilience breakfast line-up:

  • 7.55am: Brian Finnegan, solutions architect, Sungard AS – All good stories have an arc, and ensuring your organisation’s success to head off disruption and face down disaster is no different.  Availability. Recovery. Continuity.  These are vital chapters towards securing a happy ending comprising of a robust organisation with a solution that meets its combined business and IT outcomes.  Brian Finnegan will reveal more.
  • 8:10am: Bobby Kerr, co-owner and chairman of Insomnia Coffee Company, Ireland’s largest independent coffee chain – with a CV that encompasses presenting on “Down to Business”, the popular Newstalk radio business show, and “Bobby’s Late Breakfast” a lifestyle magazine type show; being one of the original Dragons on Dragon’s Den for the first four years of the series during which he became (and continues to be) actively involved with nine investments made during the series and extensive motivational speaking, Bobby Kerr knows a thing or two about why resilience in business matters.  We look forward to discovering more!
  • 8.25am: Customer Q&A: Matthew Bramwell, operations director, Northgate PLC and Gianluca Riglietti of The BCI discuss the Buncefield Explosion of December 2005, and how their rigorous approach to availability, recovery and continuity enabled them to survive Europe’s largest peacetime explosion without loss of custom or reputation.
  • 8.40am: Audience Q&A, Ciaran Hancock, Business editor of the Irish Times opens up the floor for you to put your questions to our expert speakers.
  • 9:00am: Event closes.

We look forward to welcoming you on the day.  If you haven’t already registered, you can do so here.