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Good Luck to Our Fellow Business Continuity Awards’ Finalists!

18th March 2015

For the 17th year since their inception, Sungard Availability Services is delighted to discover that we – and a number of our customers – have succeeded in making it onto the Business Continuity Awards shortlist.  Congratulations to everyone whose made it to the shortlist!

This past year has seen several exciting developments across our entire Availability Services portfolio – including enhanced cloud and hybrid IT capabilities; new Recovery as a Service and Desktop as a Service offerings; transformed software solutions via Sungard AssuranceCM and presence into new countries and regions.

“In the 21st Century business world of up-time systems, on-time delivery and real-time expecations – everything is all-time. “

So to help our customers keep the promises they make to theirs, we invest in the people, processes and technology they need to help ensure their continuity and resilience strategies meet their business needs.

“Those strategies can turn organisations around. They enable them to become resilient, robust, overcome disruption. They satisfy compliance requirements. They deliver competive advantage.”

All of which are good reasons to support the awards that promote the need for and the value derived from continuty, resilience and availability.  And to recognise the individuals, teams and organisations across the industry that work tirelessly (sometimes down the years, if not decades) to make it all happen.

We’re looking forward to June 11th when we discover what led the judges to make the selections they did.  Looking forward to seeing some of you there.

Good luck!

p.s.  Whether your an experienced practitioner or new to the industry, if you’d like to access our body of research, insights and white papers, check out our Resource Library.