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25th March 2013

If you like to get your news anREADpaper_LOGO_newd information while on the move, you’ll be pleased to hear that SunGard Availability Services has launched two new audiobooks in its series of free ‘READpapers’ for you to listen to on demand.

The first READpaper summarises SunGard’s research-based[1] white paper ‘Availability and the bottom line’, which warns that those organisations that don’t recognise the link between availability and customer satisfaction will ultimately lose their customers.

It spells out the consequences of outages, shows how ‘availability’ means different things to different people, and asks who in the organisation should have responsibility for achieving this hallowed state (Interestingly, the majority felt this is not the CIO!) The paper also looks at the influence of the continued consumerisation of IT and the impact of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend.

The second brings you the highlights of SunGard’s ‘Delivering the Available Enterprise’ white paper so you can be in the know without having to read it. In addition to revealing valuable survey findings, it includes topical examples and insights from interviews with CIOs by Professor Nelson Phillips, professor of strategy and organisational behaviour at Imperial College London.

Don’t miss out! Listen to the audiobooks here.


[1] Research conducted by Vanson Bourne in July 2012 involving interviews with 450 IT directors in organisations with 250-1,000 employees in the UK (250 interviewees), France (100) and the Nordics (100) across a wide range of business sectors.