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How not to let the Great British weather undermine UK plc

24th June 2016

Keith Tilley, EVP, global sales & customer services management, Sungard Availability Services reflects on yesterday’s weather chaos and how it affected the UK…

The Great British weather has once again wreaked havoc across the UK – particularly in London –  this time disrupting one of the most important political decisions this country has made in over a generation.

News that some polling stations in the south of England were forced to close on the day of the European Referendum, while some voters were unable to make it out of their homes to vote, serves to highlight the lack of capacity the UK has when it comes to battling the elements.

The news also highlighted the chaos the floods caused to businesses across the region. Submerged tracks meant that many commuters faced cancelled or delayed train services and, in extreme cases, some workplaces were evacuated.  The weather has always been a topic of concern for us Brits, yet we seem powerless when it comes to provisioning against it.

“While Wednesday night’s freak flooding may have come out of the blue, there is no excuse for service interruptions in today’s all-time world. There are various things that businesses can be looking at to ensure the availability of resources and services. Accessibility to both data and the office are crucial – how do your employees get in to work? Will transport links be impacted? Can suppliers and partners still meet expectations? “

— Keith Tilley, EVP, global sales & customer services management, Sungard AS

Firms should be careful, however, not to rely solely on remote working technologies; disruptions to local power or communications infrastructure, when severe enough, can compromise plans to work from home. Firms should consider a range of workplace solutions, including alternative office facilities within their surrounding area and further afield, to keep the UK open for business, no matter what.