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Ireland’s Largest Online Car Parts Retailer Set to Double Growth With Sungard Availability Services

8th June 2016

Award winning retailer has grown 70 per cent in two years and

has increased employee numbers by 50 per cent in 18 months

Dublin, Republic of Ireland – Sungard Availability Services ®  (Sungard AS), a leading provider of information availability through managed IT, cloud and recovery services, today announces that it has played a critical role in enabling the rapid growth of Ireland’s largest online retailer of car parts and accessories – In the past two years, the Dublin-based firm has increased turnover by 70%, with over 1
,000 online transactions a day across 6.5 million product listings. As part of this, it has increased employee numbers by 50 percent at its Dublin facility.

A decade long customer of Sungard AS, has relied on a highly resilient, multi-tenant cloud solution from Sungard AS to provide both the availability and scalability it needed to achieve this growth and employment opportunities. This Hybrid Cloud solution, as well as the additional Managed Services it receives, has enabled to easily scale up to manage the growth in transactions to date.  It has also provided the ability to set up in several new markets beyond Ireland, including a distribution centre in Poland last year and a new facility which has just opened in Sheffield, UK – all with no additional upfront investment costs on hardware.

“IT has been critical to the growth of, and it is the reliability and flexibility of the Sungard AS platform which has enabled both myself and my brother to grow the company from a small automotive provider to Ireland’s largest online car parts retailer. In the last 18 months, this growth has enabled us to double our workforce in Ireland, and we expect this to continue, with the creation of new positions this year.”

— Michael Crean, operations director and founder,

Michael Crean, operations director & founder,

Sungard AS also helps maintain constant availability in line with fluctuations in customer demand across Ireland and beyond. At the end of last year, the business launched its first TV advert, safe in the knowledge that Sungard AS would ensure the systems would cope and respond to the inevitable demand spikes around advert air-time.

Having won the Gold Award in the Entrepreneurial category at the European eCommerce Awards last year, downtime would not just affect bottom line, but also reputation:

“Availability is absolutely critical to us. Our customers expect to be able to purchase their spare parts urgently, during any time of day, any day of the year. Being down for even a minute would cost us hundreds – an hour would run to thousands – in lost sales, and that’s without the knock to our reputation, which in turn would certainly slow down our growth and employment opportunities. We needed a partner who guarantees uptime and the level of availability we enjoy from Sungard AS is outstanding.”

— Michael Crean, operations director and founder,

A solid platform for partners

As well as aiding the latest expansion, Sungard AS technology has long provided piece of mind to not only, but its partners. With technology playing a crucial role in any modern business, this area now attracts a high level of scrutiny from customers and partners alike.

“The quality of technology has become vital when partners look to work with us, but once they learn we work with Sungard AS, the questions appear to stop. The reliability of Sungard AS’ solutions gives any partner, customer or stakeholder piece of mind and assurance that we are running our business on a highly reliable platform which has the capability to rapidly expand as the business requires.”

— Michael Crean, operations director and founder,

Further information on Sungard AS’ work with can be found here:

The abbreviation for Sungard Availability Services is ‘Sungard AS’ as cited above.  Please use ‘Sungard AS’ when abbreviating the name rather than ‘Sungard’ or ‘SunGard,’ which may confuse the reader with another separate company with a similar name.