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IT transformation helps Menzies’ global expansion plans take flight

16th June 2016

Dynamic logistics and aviation business John Menzies plc needed a flexible, scalable IT infrastructure to support its ambitious growth plans. And it needed it quickly.

As a company that services 300 airlines, has customers at 140 airports worldwide, handles 1.2 million aircraft movements a year and 1.7 million tons of cargo, bulk delivers 5 million newspapers daily and supplies almost half the UK’s retailers, Menzies understands the importance of meeting deadlines. Failure at any point would mean stores have empty shelves, newspapers don’t get delivered and planes don’t take off on time.

As part of its change management strategy, John Menzies plc is undergoing a 12-month IT transformation programme, under which its IT and networks infrastructure has been outsourced to Sungard Availability Services, its chosen technology partner, and many services transformed into cloud-based solutions. This will allow Menzies to focus on its core business – not only freeing up time, capital and resources, but also giving Menzies the worldwide capabilities, reliability and agility the business demands.

“We selected the Sungard AS solution because it provides us with the flexibility to scale our IT to meet business demand, without requiring capital investment or a commitment to server or storage volumes. Leveraging their investment in data centres, IT infrastructure and service management provides economies of scale and operation which translates into lower running costs for Menzies’ IT infrastructure. Sungard AS was also able to meet specific challenges around the global operation of the Menzies business and existing technology and supplier arrangements.”

— Steve Rick, SVP, John Menzies

To read more about the challenges Menzies faced, the solutions Sungard AS is providing and the benefits achieved to date and expected over the life of the project, check out the full case study on our website, here.

“Sungard AS has enabled us to move from four data centres with all the associated hardware to a model where we simply pay for the services we need. And they’re saving us money too!”

— Paul Stow, Chief Architect, John Menzies

Paul Stow, Chief Architect for John Menzies provides his insights on film here.

The Sungard AS Solutions that helped Menzies’ global expansion fly: