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Join Sungard Availability Services & our Cyber & Workplace Resilience Experts at this Week’s BCI World Conference & Exhibition

6th November 2017

Respected industry experts Dr Sandy Bell and Ron Miller, MBCI to present at 2017’s BCI World Conference

November 7th  – 2.00 pm

Panel Discussion: Where does Work Area Recovery go from here?

Our very own Ron Miller, MBCI, Principal Consultant will be one of the expert speakers on this panel discussion.  Work Area Recovery has its roots in the early days of Business Continuity, following a realisation that simply recovering IT systems was completely insufficient.  The concept has subsequently matured to become a foundation of many organisations’ recovery strategies. Today we are riding the wave of revolution in technology, in service level expectations and in the shape of the workforce we are responsible for.

This fascinating panel discussion will investigate where we actually stand right now in the Work Area Recovery arena, and ask where the challenges and opportunities lie ahead for suppliers and clients alike.

Joining Ron will be panel chair Richard Bale and fellow panellists Andy Dunn, Daisy Group; Charles Boffin, ClearView Continuity; and Brendan Seifried, Regus.


November  8th – 11.00 am

How do you know if you are under cyber attack?

Dr Sandra Bell, Head of Business Continuity & ISDG Consulting (Europe), Sungard Availability Services

Whilst some cyber attacks, such as ransomware, web defacement and denial of service attacks are immediately obvious, many fall into the category classed as “persistent compromises” where the attackers deliberately aim to stay beneath the radar and have long term undetected access to a network.  Such access lets the attackers penetrate deep within the organisation, slowly gaining intelligence or exfiltrating data which better positions them to create large scale disruption. And it is not a matter of days that they go undetected! According to a report by FireEye the average time elapsed between the initial breach of a network by an attacker and the discovery by the victim is 146 days and, according to a Trustwave report, only 19% were identified by internal security processes. The rest are typically picked up by users, the media, law enforcement or other oversight bodies.

Knowing that you are under attack is fundamental to being able to launch an effective response and knowing before your customers and other stakeholders puts you on the front foot. However, the threat is now so pervasive and evolving at such a pace that internal security processes no longer able to keep pace which means that many organisations are turning to other methods of cyber attack detection. In this presentation, Sandy will look at some of those methods and offer advice on steps organisations can take to shorten the gap between attack and detection.

You can join us during the conference to discuss your own cyber, workplace or other resilience and digital transformation needs by visiting Stand 18. 


In addition to helping BCI World conference delegates discover how to move their BCM and resilience strategies up a gear, Sungard AS is also giving visitors to Stand 18 the chance to test their driving skills!

There will be a remote controlled 4×4 course on stand, with delegates being challenged to do two laps of the course. There will be many obstacles and disasters to negotiate, including Data Breech Canyon and Hack Hill.

The winner with the quickest time will win their very own 4×4 Land Rover Defender Remote Controlled Car and battery packs car worth over £400!

For your chance to win, simply visit us at stand 18 anytime during the exhibition this week on November 7th and 8th.