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JSA counts on Sungard Availability Services for availability around the clock.

24th July 2014

All-time information works for JSA.

The JSA Group had long recognised the importance of availability to their business and realised its IT infrastructure was vulnerable to external threats. The social unrest that hit London and other major UK towns in the summer of 2011 was the catalyst to review its IT strategy and make its business more resilient.

Millions of people in Britain now work outside the PAYE system so employers and individuals look to firms like JSA for professional advice on their accountancy service needs. By offering a broad range of services for both umbrella and limited company contractors, JSA enables employers to make savings on their back office and resourcing costs while at the same time helping contractors remain compliant with HMRC guidelines.

With thousands of customers reliant on its payroll services being operational around the clock, JSA has zero tolerance for downtime.

•  Cloud Consultancy
•  Infrastructure as a Service
•  Workplace Recovery
Business Benefits:
•  Ensures business as usual
•  Frees IT team to support the business
•  Preserves JSA’s reputation for reliability
•  Prevents customer defections
•  Peace of mind.

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