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Cloud Computing

Looking to migrate to Cloud? It needn’t be a big decision…

20th September 2013

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"Having visited SunGard’s Network Operations Centre, I was reassured by the consistent, proceduralised way they manage their technology. The quality of technical support we’ve experienced is outstanding. They not only understand the technology and its application but, unusually in my experience, they have commercial awareness as well.” 
The Monarch Group, Chris Dare

The vast majority of enterprise organisations still run most of their physical and virtualised IT applications and services within their own on-premises infrastructure. This leaves significant scope for improving operational efficiencies through the migration of some or all of these processes into an external cloud-hosted environment.

  • Computing on-demand services
  • Reduced installation, upgrade and maintenance costs
  • Flexibility and scalability to accommodate business changes
  • Internal IT resources freed up to focus on other projects

Obstacles to migration

The prime concern about using external cloud provider platforms for application and service hosting is security. Other commonly stated arguments against migrating to the cloud are: reliability; performance; management; pricing and billing; and data protection. These concerns are largely aimed at public cloud services, the most widely used of which have been affected by high profile outages in recent years.

“The flexibility we now have working with SunGard is incredible. We can rapidly respond to client needs by easily and securely growing without having to go through the planning, investment and downtime that is necessary in a physical environment.”
EthosData, Francisco Lorca, CEO

Yet there is an alternative option that should be evaluated: migration to a private cloud solution, managed cloud solution or hybrid cloud delivery model. Based on dedicated, single-tenanted or like-minded enterprise-tenanted architecture, these can be hosted either off- or on-premises and are connected by robust, network links. In addition, secure information storage, transfer and retrieval ensure compliance with relevant laws.

If you would like to ascertain whether moving your in-house applications and services to an off-premises cloud would make sense from a financial and operational perspective, contact us today to find out how cloud migration with SunGard makes sense.