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Business Continuity

Offshore risks: Attitudes and Trends

3rd May 2013

Continuity Central and SunGard Availability Services are carrying out a joint survey into offshore risks.

The trend towards near shoring and offshoring continues apace. Seven years ago a UK enterprise might have 500 staff in India. Now there are enterprises with 1000s of staff in off shore locations in service centres around the world in countries such as South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland and the Philippines.

Increasingly offshore locations are not just providing commodity services but higher value ones such as IT application development, analytics and component processes that complete real time processes back in the home country.

So, in this regulated and litigious world of business, how resilient are these operations? How confident are the board and non-execs that the business could stay available during a disruption?

We invite you to participate anonymously in a joint Continuity Central / SunGard Availability Services snap shot survey, the results of which will be published in a webinar in June 2013

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