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Sungard AS joins Cisco CIO Summit to discuss Managing in a Hybrid Environment

4th March 2015

Cisco CIO Summit: 4-5 March 2015


Join Max Feneck today at 14:30 – 16:00 when he, Scot Gardner, VP, Global SP EMEAR and Aarti Gurnani, Consulting Services Manager, both of  Cisco get together to discuss ‘Managing in a Hybrid Environment’.

The convergence of enterprise mobility, collaboration, M2M, Cloud and big data/analytics fuels new business models and generates tremendous value creation opportunities.  It also radically disrupts and complicates the way enterprises source and utilise technology, from applications to infrastructure to overall governance.  It is no longer easy to identify where applications should be (or are) hosted, where corporate data resides, what infrastructure should be virtualised or which line of business pays for services.

From a supply perspective, Service Providers seeking to serve the enterprise market face a dynamic hybrid environment with blended access models, multiple decision makers and innovative business models emerging daily to threaten hard-earned customer relationships. Today’s interactive session on the evolving landscape of IT services will debate the changing demands of enterprises and how IT service providers are adapting their traditional business models and service offerings to meet these needs.

Max will address how Sungard AS’ business has evolved and is continuiing to do so to deliver against the demand for Cloud-based Availability solutions.  He will look at how customers’ approaches to procuring services is changing and how Sungard AS is working with them to enable understanding of the opportunities and the challenges cloud affords 21st century businesses.  This will include what CIOs should take into account, and how cloud, hybrid cloud and hybrid IT all have their part to play as businesses harness these technologies for All-time availability and tangible business outcomes.