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Sungard Availability Services Accepted Onto G-Cloud 9 Marketplace, Bringing True Hybrid IT Services to Public Sector Buyers

22nd May 2017

London, United Kingdom – Sungard Availability Services ® (Sungard AS), a leading provider of information availability through managed IT, cloud and recovery services, has been accepted onto the UK Government’s G-Cloud 9 framework , with services live and available from today. Sungard AS services are also available on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 framework. Public sector buyers looking to procure services will have access to Sungard AS’s portfolio of cloud, Hybrid IT and digital transformation services and solutions.

Through the G-Cloud 9 framework, Sungard AS is providing a complete portfolio of its Cloud Hosting and Cloud Support services. The comprehensive range of available services includes: managed security services such as DDoS Protection and Mitigation, Intrusion Detection System and Log Manager and Security Consulting; Application Cloud Services for enterprise platforms such as SAP and Oracle;  Managed Cloud Services for UK Government compliant to process OFFICIAL security classified data; Public Cloud and Hosted Private Cloud Services; Managed Recovery Programmes; Digital Transformation Solutions and – with one year to go before it goes live – GDPR Assessments, among others.

With security vulnerabilities making the headlines on a daily basis, and cyber threats facing public services greater than ever before, Sungard AS offers a host of cyber security services to assist customers with their IT security strategy, governance and operational demands such as penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.

The Sungard AS Government Cloud service conforms to process UK Government OFFICIAL data security standards, following the 14 cloud security principles as laid out by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). This means any application or data that is marked OFFICIAL can run and be processed in Sungard AS’ Government Cloud Service without having to go through lengthy compliance checks. This accelerates the rollout of applications time to market and provides infrastructure for government bodies running services that need to conform to these standards.

Hosted within UK data centres, Sungard AS’ Government Cloud service is supported by a dedicated UK Sovereign security-cleared operations team. Through the combination of consultation, cyber mitigation and complete Hybrid IT services, Sungard AS can ensure that customers and partners using its services and solutions are fully prepared to deliver secure and robust services required for the public sector.

“The demand for information availability within the public sector is just as high as it is for private enterprises. Citizens can’t wait, operations can’t slow and services can’t falter. With the public sector facing even greater challenges than ever before, the need for resilient, reliable and cost-effective digital services has never been greater. But with the IT landscape becoming more complex and legacy IT potentially holding back innovation across all aspects of industry, digital transformation in the public sector isn’t straightforward. We’re delighted that our 35 years of experience in providing complex and vendor-neutral Hybrid IT services, combined with our full range of cloud hosting, support and transformation services has been accepted onto the G-Cloud 9 framework.”

— Keith Tilley*, EVP and Vice Chair, Sungard Availability Services

*Keith Tilley will be discussing how Government can deliver digital transformation, despite spending cuts, a growing populace and the disparate demands placed upon central departments and local authorities at the 2017 Public Sector Show on 27th June.