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Sungard Availability Services Announces Its Largest Ever PC Refresh

10th March 2016

£4million investment demonstrates ongoing commitment to customers’ Workplace Recovery needs

London, United Kingdom – Sungard Availability Services ® (Sungard AS), a leading provider of information availability through managed IT, cloud and recovery services, has today announced its latest £4million investment across the organisation’s Workplace Recovery service locations, aimed at updating hardware for ongoing service excellence.

The upcoming refresh is Sungard AS’ most advanced yet with each machine sporting Intel’s Quad core Itanium i7-6700 processor and the Q170 ‘Skylake’ chipset, to serve the computing demands of today’s business user.  It follows considerable investments in workforce enablement, which saw multiple new recovery sites opened or updated globally throughout 2015. Deploying over 8,600 new PCs across 17 of its UK Recovery Centres – 1,000 more desktops than in previous PC Refreshes – the investment highlights Sungard AS’ ongoing commitment to ensuring that customers can access an available high quality alternative workplace in times of disruption.

“With 88%[1] of disruptions supported by Sungard AS in 2015 relating to the workplace, the Company’s decision to once again increase the number of PCs available to customers in this latest refresh reflects the ever important and growing need for businesses to have recovery in place for their people, as well as their technology.”

— Daren Howell, Sungard AS

With phased roll-out beginning in Q2 2016, the project is scheduled to complete in the summer. Crucially, the investment will see a PC on every workplace position in all Recovery Centres, helping to reduce customer access time to three hours or less for any workplace requirement. All Recovery Centres enjoy IP telephony and dual diverse multi-Gigabit inter-connectivity, which will combine with the latest enterprise grade desktop technology to give Sungard AS customers an unparalleled Workplace Recovery offering.

In addition to a high quality, consistent service across all locations, the inherent flexibility of Sungard AS’ Workplace Recovery estate means customers can access people recovery solutions tailored to their specific business needs.  Whether looking for a multi-site ‘near/far’ solution, the reassurance of seamless ‘roll-back’ to other locations, or the ability to knit physical and virtual processes during the recovery process; this latest development means a smoother and more reliable route for customers aiming to return to ‘business-as-usual’.

“From floods to pavement fires; snow to transport strikes; power to communications outages: recent events have shown us that nowhere in the UK is immune to business disruption. Organisations from all corners of the country are still united in a common need for scalable people recovery, ensuring that they are ready and available to answer customer requests no matter what,” said Keith Tilley, Executive Vice-President,​global sales & customer services management, Sungard Availability Services.

“Since the inception of Workplace Recovery two decades ago, technology and working practices have been both dynamic and in a state of constant evolution. Our continued investment in this vital service reflects these digital and societal changes and demonstrates our commitment to helping our customers maintain their market presence and ability to remain competitive in today’s All-Time world.”

— Keith Tilley, EVP, global sales & customer services management, Sungard AS

Tilley continued: “At Sungard AS, the resilience, robustness and continuity of our facilities and processes is essential to enabling us to offer industry-leading availability services for production and recovery scenarios.  Our workplace services are no exception.”

Brand Statement

The abbreviation for Sungard Availability Services is ‘Sungard AS’ as cited above.  Please use ‘Sungard AS’ when abbreviating the name rather than ‘Sungard’ or ‘SunGard,’ which may confuse the reader with another separate company with a similar name.

[1] Source: Sungard Availability Services 2015 Customer Invocation (disaster declaration) Statistics. 52 of 59 invocations were for Workplace Recovery services.