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Sungard Availability Services has the right prescription for RCPI’s IT Infrastructure

15th April 2015

““Our infrastructure posed severe capacity constraints. Now these have been removed we are able to expand wherever we see opportunities.” “

— Adrian Rath, ICT Manager, RCPI

The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI) is a professional body that equips doctors and other healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to care for their patients and to run safe and efficient healthcare systems. Established in 1654, RCPI harnesses the expertise of its members to improve healthcare, whether it’s one-to-one with a patient or on a national, strategic level.

RCPI recognised that it needed greater reliability and scalability, and with its IT infrastructure nearing the end of its life, it explored the available options…

““Sungard AS’s proposal was the only one to offer a complete end-toend service: everything from backup, recovery and servers to firewalls, networking, security and storage – the whole package.””

— Adrian Rath, ICT Manager, RCPI


Business challenge

Thousands of doctors and other healthcare professionals worldwide rely on the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI) for training and accreditation. With its IT infrastructure

reaching end of life, the organisation needed to find a technology partner it could rely on to provide the reliable systems on which so many depend.

Business solution

• Dual-site private cloud

Managed Services.

Business benefits

• Scalability

• More predictable IT infrastructure spend

• Fully managed service frees RCPI to focus on core business

• Highly available and secure platform

• Protects reputation.

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