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Cloud Computing

SunGard Online – Test and development Cloud to drive innovation

8th February 2013

SunGard Availability Services has launched an intuitive cloud management portal that enables Infrastructure
as a Service
(IaaS) customers to use highly flexible infrastructure with pay-as-you-go style contracts. Hands-on technical staff can self-manage their cloud computing infrastructure, allowing the complete control of environments by test and development teams.

The ‘SunGard Online’ portal adds another dimension to secure, scalable, on-demand cloud computing that now
offers a breadth of standard platforms and flexibility. Customers can specify virtual CPUs, RAM, the hypervisor (which manages virtual machines) and operating system of choice from a suite of flexible bundles.
SunGard’s IaaS gives customers all the benefits of a cloud infrastructure – scalability, cost-effectiveness and versatility – with the resilience and security you’d expect from a provider whose entire business is founded on keeping organisations available. With real-time usage visibility and clear cost breakdowns, businesses can rest assured they are getting the best value from their cloud infrastructure. SunGard’s portfolio caters for both test and development and critical production applications for businesses of any size.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Flexibility – customers can subscribe to the service for just 30 days at a time
  • Versatility – supports a variety of operating systems including Windows and across Linux
  • Easy to use – secure, 24×7 always-on portal
  • Hosted in Ireland – complies with European Data Protection regulations
  • Highly cost-effective – pay as you go service with end user billing and metering
  • Robust – comprehensive multi-vendor internet connectivity as standard
  • Transparent – integrated service monitoring and reporting via the secure portal
  • Peace of mind – comes from a trusted provider with over 25 years’ of experience

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