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Case Study

SunGard solution fuels Monarch’s successful trajectory

17th July 2013

SunGard Availability Case Study: Monarch Group

Monarch logoBusiness challenge
Monarch Group’s IT infrastructure was reaching capacity limits and the travel group needed to invest in new technology. This acted as the catalyst to review its entire IT strategy and ensure its infrastructure was robust, resilient and future-proof.


  • Infrastructure as a Service (Managed Cloud) Managed Services
  • Electronic Vaulting.


  • Ensures business as usual
  • Frees IT team to support the business growth
  • Peace of mind
  • Reduces risk of revenue loss
  • Avoids reputational damage.

“We conducted a technical review which concluded that the cost of upgrading our own IT infrastructure to the level of resilience offered by SunGard Availability Services could not be financially justified. So we took the strategic decision to outsource to SunGard, rather than invest in our own back-up systems.”
Chris Dare, group information services director,
Monarch Group

Visit the SunGard website to view and download the Monarch Group case study