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Business Continuity

SunGard’s Workplace Recovery enables charities to continue their vital work

14th January 2013

Charityshare logoCharityshare was set up as the shared IT department for its participating charities to dramatically reduce their operating costs. With thousands of the most vulnerable people in the UK – the very young and the very old – relying on the charities’ vital services, it needed to ensure it could withstand common business disruptions. Charityshare would need its business continuity provision sooner than it could ever have imagined.


  • Workplace Recovery.


  • Ensures ‘business as usual’ within four hours
  • Minimises the risk of donation income loss
  • Provides an alternative workspace for critical workers
  • Peace of mind for the participating charities that their work can continue uninterrupted
  • Contributes to the ongoing viability of the partnership.

“We could never have foreseen that we’d need to invoke so soon after signing. It’s one of those things we’ve always known is needed but that is somehow never seen as top priority. We were extremely lucky with the timing.”
Gary Smallman, service delivery manager, Charityshare

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