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Taking Availability to All Corners of the Organisation: Why Decentralisation is an Essential Business Tool

6th November 2013

iStock_000017907816LargeOnly five years ago ‘recovery’ was the key industry buzzword, and the term played a central role in how businesses developed their business continuity plans. The rise of the available enterprise has changed this, with customers now expecting to be able to access information and do business with organisations whenever they want. Recovery is no longer enough as the business can never fail in the first place.  Put simply, ‘recovery’ is out and ‘all-time availability’ is in.

Of course, as with any industry shift, this trend is posing a serious challenge to many organisations. With dwindling IT budgets, providing a constant availability of service is a near impossible task for business continuity managers.

Of course budget constraints are not the only challenge. The rise of mobile working has created a significant demand for IT flexibility within organisations. With more data than ever flowing through the company, from numerous and geographically varied locations, many business continuity managers have seen their remit expand rapidly, extending outside of the traditional office environment and, in many cases, overseas. Business continuity management has become a business wide priority.

It has long been accepted that business continuity is no longer a stand-alone function of the organisation but one which must be built into the core infrastructure. Every employee should, on some level, help to take responsibility for ensuring all-time availability of service. With this it’s clear that a new approach to IT infrastructure and management is needed to ensure smooth business operations. From the senior management through to the lower levels of the company, resilience and availability must remain at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Our new cloud-based business continuity management tool, SunGard AssuranceCM, aims to help ease this transition, offering businesses a real-time overview of their entire organisation to help identify possible issues and weaknesses. The software interface has been made as intuitive as possible (‘Facebook easy’, no less) to offer a full visualisation of the plans. This will encourage a wide user base and allow inputs from all areas of the company so that every issue can be addressed. The program can be accessed from any device and any location, customised for individual businesses and doesn’t require any level of specialist training.

Alongside ease of access, collaboration is another key feature in ensuring business continuity. The IT department is an integral part of business operations, and so any planning tool must be accessible to all areas of the business to ensure that no issue goes un- addressed.

Derek Bluestone, SunGard’s Senior Director of Product Management, will be on hand at BCM World to demonstrate the software – come to Stand 47. Derek will also be speaking at the event on the theme of decentralisation. Details of his presentation can be found below:

Derek Bluestone

Day 2 – 7th November

15:40 to 16:10

Seminar Room 1

SunGard AssuranceCM will be generally available across Europe from March 2014.