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Case Study | Tenet Group finds availability is the best policy

31st July 2015

Tenet Group is one of the UK’s largest adviser support groups within both the investment and mortgage markets. It provides a broad range of services including compliance and training, research and business development support to appointed representatives and directly authorised advisers. These include the applications that form the backbone of its business such as Tenet Advantage, which helps its advisers to de-risk their business, improve business efficiency and ultimately generate more income.

“Downtime would have a huge impact – not just on the service we provide our advisers but on our ability to carry out our regulatory duties, as well as causing potential reputational damage. I can’t stress the importance of availability enough.”

— Matt Bottrill, Infrastructure & Security Manager, Tenet Group

To support the mission-critical applications its advisers depend upon daily, Tenet requires cloud hosting.  Having been let down by one provider in the past, it needed a cloud hosting provider it could rely on and its choice of technology partner for a suitable cloud solution was critical.

Sungard Availability Services’ proven track record gave Tenet Group confidence in its ability to deliver.  The resulting solution enabled Tenet to realise a range of business benefits including resilient, secure, scalable cloud; a low risk transition between the incumbent’s virtual environment to that of Sungard AS and a solution that would serve Tenet’s business into the future.

“By outsourcing day-to-day operational tasks we have freed up resource to focus on things that add value to our business rather than just keeping the lights on. “

— Matt Bottrill, Infrastructure & Security Manager, Tenet Group

You can read Tenet’s story in full here.

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