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Business Continuity

The Outage Before Christmas

12th December 2016

Twas the sale before Christmas, and all through the store,

The sales team was struggling to control the shop floor.

The customers were shopping with interest and care,

In the hopes of finding bargains in there.

The tills were ringing thanks to cold, hard cash,

No one suspected the impending crash!

The store manager was rubbing his hands in glee,

Thinking of the hefty profits he’d see.

But there out of the floor there arose such a clatter,

The store manager jumped to see what was the matter.

Over to the tills he ran in a flash,

Pushing through customers in his mad dash.

The systems had stopped, customers cried “oh no!

We need to buy presents; we need to spend dough!”

The store manager panicked, and put through the call,

Ringing head office to avoid this pitfall.

The customers were leaving, so lively and quick,

Too late for online; let down by mortar and brick.

Came the word from head office, “an outage I’m afraid”,

And filled the store manager with disappointment and rage!

“All systems are down and they’re not coming back,

“You’re better off waiting for Santa and his sack!”

The store manager sat down and cursed his luck,

The outage had ruined his chance to make a buck.

Next door, the competition was telling a different tale,

With the tills ringing loud with the sound of a sale.

Into the aisles the customers had flew,

Ready to spend money on a present or two.

No outage for them, profits through the roof,

As they thanked their IT for being bulletproof.

A robust and reliable IT estate,

Had given them great cause celebrate.

So let this be lesson, for one and all,

Lack of BC investment can lead to a fall.

But with the right strategy it’ll be alright,

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!