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The Sky’s the Limit for CashFac with SunGard Availability Services Cloud Solution

18th March 2014

CASHFAC-R-STRAP_CMYK_POS_55mm-300dpiCashFac, which provides high volume cash and treasury processing and compliance services for more than 500 corporate customers with complex cash and client money operations, needed a secure, scalable platform to replace its physical hosted infrastructure.  Historically, CashFac’s infrastructure was hosted in a third party data centre in the Channel Islands but CashFac recognised a cloud-based managed service would better meet business needs.  To this end, they decided upon SunGard Availability Services enterprise cloud solutions and vaulting services.

John Ferguson, head of managed services, CashFac explains, Our customer onboarding process would sometimes take weeks – now it’s a matter of days for a new customer and we can rapidly scale up resources to meet additional demand on the infrastructure.”

“I liked the combination of having local account management but also working with a provider that has national and international reach,” comments John Ferguson. “We have customers in the Asia Pacific region and it is useful to know SunGard has a strong presence in the US and across Europe to support our growth plans.”

CashFac is now reaping all the benefits of an outsourced service. “SunGard’s Enterprise Cloud Service has taken away the headaches of having to manage and monitor infrastructure,” John Ferguson remarks. “Because of SunGard we are now in a strong position to build this side of the business and react so much more quickly to market changes or customer demands.”

As for the burgeoning relationship between the two companies, he says, “I’ve found the SunGard people I’ve dealt with very helpful and professional. They’ve gone out their way to understand our business and I very much view it as a long-term partnership.”

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