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Hybrid IT

The Strange Case of Jacqueline & Hybrid

7th December 2015

Jacqueline was a brilliant CIO. In her early years she had spent time ensuring each server was neatly racked and catalogued; her applications running reliably across a single unified platform that served the business well. She always felt this would be enough for the organisation. Her IT was always under control, regardless of what the market threw at her.

But a mist was rolling in on her plans; the shadows of new challenges were creeping into the corners of her once organised and resilient domain. The IT industry – her industry – had changed and many within the organisation began to have different requests of her precious infrastructure. Growth, innovation, mobility – all putting too much pressure on a simple data centre.

As she sat at her desk late one night, alone in the vastness of her IT estate with the strains of the data centre echoing through quiet corridors, her mind swung to a dangerous thought. Cast by the desire to help others and try something different, new options – all be them dark and devious options – were building an insidious foothold in her thoughts.

Just One Sip

That’s all it was going to be: one small, careful sip of the cloud elixir and she would be able to solve any and all requests from the business. Just one sip and then stopper the bottle. She would remain in control; she wouldn’t be lulled by the carefree thinking that came with this new potion.

“And the sip: it felt incredible. Short bursts of power that she wielded with control and accuracy able to cast resource to projects like seeds to the field, watching the shoots of growth germinate from each one sown. Requests came in and she stood as if surrounded by a team of thousands ready and armed to respond to the demands of departments as far afield as EMEA and the APAC’s, from franchises to new rollouts, from launches to competitive steals, from SaaS tools to test and dev. The world was at her control and she revelled in the freedom and elation of her peers.”

— The Strange Case of Jacqueline & Hybrid

But as she reclined at her desk she noticed for the first time a scratching at the back of her mind, a sensation – no, a genuine feeling – that there was another side to what she was doing. Another discordant side, one that thrashed and screamed to be released. Hybrid was here now, and it didn’t want to go back in the bottle.

Unleashing the Beast Within

Weeks went by and since that first heady sip Jaqueline had been forced to return to the cloud elixir more times than she cared to admit. The business requests hadn’t let up. If anything they had been spurred on by her earlier successes, she now relied on supplementing her IT estate with bursts of cloud activity. Hybrid IT had taken a grip of the business, and it showed no signs of letting go.

And, of course, it all came at a price.

Jaqueline’s desk now swarmed with extra bills – many materialising seemingly from nowhere. They appeared with alarming regularity, the cost of increased functionality and capacity.

“She was losing control; her budget demands were stretched and swollen, and she could no longer keep track of critical data. Hybrid IT had become a monster, sprawling and untamed. It reached all areas of the business, its influence oozing from department to department, an intricate cobweb of applications and services – too many for Jaqueline to keep track of.”

— The Strange Case of Jacqueline & Hybrid

In trying to manage the system, Jaqueline’s time was stolen; in paying for it her pocket was being picked. The stopper was well and truly off the bottle. The system was unsustainable but she couldn’t see a way to stop it. Hybrid IT was unruly and near-impossible to govern but the whole business now relied on it. The organisation was trapped…

Can Jacqueline bring her organisation’s IT back from the brink of madness? Find out more about the ‘tonic’ needed to control the dark side of Hybrid IT and gain the upper hand over your organisation’s complex multi-platform infrastructure…