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Why ‘offshore’ should not mean ‘off the radar’

18th August 2014

The ‘ins and outs’ about offshoring to India

India remains a popular destination for European and US companies looking to offshore operations to a cost-competitive, relatively stable and scalable location. According to a new Gartner report assessing nine AsiaPac countries, India is the clear worldwide leader in revenue terms.

Offshoring business process services to a destination like India can undoubtedly deliver huge returns, but companies must consider cultural differences and country-specific threats to reap the promised benefits – or run the risk of ‘reshoring’ (or ‘onshoring’).

A very different risk landscape

The threats facing companies and offshored operations in India are somewhat different to the domestic markets to which European and North American companies are accustomed. Yet multinationals increasingly expect the same high level of business continuity (BC) provision for commercial and regulatory reasons.

Businesses need to thoroughly consider and address India’s unique country-specific risks in addition to the universal threats faced by all organisations today.

Here’s our view of India’s top 8 issues (ranked in order of the perceived threat):

Sungard AS operations in India

Sungard AS has a thriving operation in India helping the domestic and international business community mitigate these threats. Seven of the 15 top technology-outsourcing companies are based in India, but more than 70% of BPO companies operate from a single location.

To satisfy growing demand from India-based operations wanting to meet accepted international BC standards such as ISO 22301, Sungard AS India operates an award-winning BCM automation and consultancy business. It also offers three highly resilient, fully equipped work area recovery centres that enable offshore operations to enjoy the same protection as sites closer to home.

Introduction of RaaS

As a sign of the maturity of the country’s BC provision, Sungard AS has introduced Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) – offering Indian enterprises SLA-driven recovery timeframes for mission-critical IT business functions on an affordable pay-as-you-go basis.

Under the fully managed service, Sungard AS takes responsibility for the entire recovery process with skilled recovery specialists ensuring the failover environment is ready in the event of any prolonged outage.

If you would like practical help and guidance on offshoring to India, call 0800 143 413 or email